What our clients say about us!

We are constantly striving to optimize the quality of our service. For this reason we asked our clients at the End of June to give us feedback and to evaluate us on the homepage: www.anwalt.de/Blaeumauer. We were so pleased about the feedback (6 men and 4 women), that we decided to publish them on our website:


M.B. am 23.07.2014:

“Excellent, competent and sensitive advice and a rapid trial(zügige Verhandlung?). I have already recommended her and I will keep doing that!”

G.W. am 08.07.2014:

“First-class advice and assistance/support. I felt well represented. Ms Dr. Bläumauer is taking a lot of time for her clients and their personal matters. I will always recommend her.”

R.H. am 08.07.2014:

“Great and competent advice and handling (Abwicklung?).Thank you!”

C.L. am 07.07.2014:

“Competent advice and very quickly appointment”

 C.D. am 03.07.2014:

“Brilliant and competent representation (Vertretung?).”

K.P. am 02.07.2014:

“First-class advice! Arranging an appointment went very quickly. I felt well represented and also understood. The costs were reasonable!”

A.S. am 02.07.2014:

“Very good and comprehensive advice, big engagement, always good contactable by phone, otherwise a quick recall. I was very satisfied and I would recommend Ms. Dr. Bläumauer all the time.”

A.S. am 02.07.2014:

“I was very pleased, very well advised and represented.”

M.L. am 01.07.2014:

“The law office/firm is absolutely recommendable! Ms. Dr. Bläumauer and her team are first-class, endeavours, correct, reliable and human. Many thanks and also a big praise to Ms. Dr. Bläumauer. The way I walked wasn’t easy but with her support it became easier as a result, that my life turned for the better. Thank you!”

R.W. am 16.07.2012:

Very friendly, helpful and understanding; we quickly got an appointment. She welcomed us personally and listened attentively.