A divorce is no simple matter

Divorces are part of life. We see it every day. There were 16.647 divorces in Austria 2014. Divorce is not ostracized anymore.

Even long-term marriages have served their time. Divorces after silver wedding are not seldom anymore. When "Till death do us part" was still binding, people would not get as old as they do now.

A divorce is a brave step. It is a learning process and gives you back the air to breathe.

Divorce is not the end. It is the beginning.

You can’t change your past but you can reconstruct your future.

I support you to use your chance as good as possible.

There are no standard solutions or standard recommendations. A successful divorce needs more than know how. Every divorce is a new challenge for me. I am never satisfied with the very first idea, I try to break the mould.